Cell Tower Parking lot

This parking lot is a little under 3/4 acre and provides a youth friendly entrance to the trails. Please do not block direct access to the cell phone tower it self. Blocking access to a public utility is grounds to have your vehicle towed at your expense!
Click the Picture to the Left for Directions.

General Information

Little Monadnock Family Trails operates two parking lots and trailhead and trailheads. The First parking lot is a quarter acre in Richmond NH, and the second parking lot is three quarters of an acre in Swanzey NH. Directions to the parking lots are available by clicking the aerial view below.

The Parking lot is made possible by Land Owners allowing us to let people park on their land. Please leave the parking lots in better shape than you found them to help us keep it open.

Parking Lot

Fish Hatchery Road Parking Lot

This parking lot is friendly to ATV and Dirt Bike riders it is not recommended for large trailers due to space constraints.
Click the Picture to the Left for Directions.