2016 Winter Registrations

2016 NHSA registration forms are not yet available.

New Parking Lot

One of the many changes for the 2015 season is that we have started construction of new parking lots! The fish hatchery road lot has been expanded to allow many trucks with trailers, we also are working on opening another parking lot nearby to allow easier access for riders with longer or wider trailers! Stay tuned for updates on planned work days.

2016 LMFT  MAP

We are excited to be releasing the 2016  Trail maps for LMFT. We have been working tirelessly on mapping every trail and taking the time to back those awesome maps up with some killer signage on the trails!

 Expect to be able to purchase these maps in the store before the trails open. 

LMFT Riders Club

Continuing the 2015 season tradition, we have decided to do away with "Trail Passes" and are going to be continuing the " LMFT Trail Riders Club" the memberships for the Riders Club will help fund trail repairs and the new parking lot maintenance.

LMFT News - Summer 2016